SUNDAY WORSHIP -  9:00a (Eucharist/Communion/Mass)

Service is currently being live-streamed and can be viewed on Facebook. [click] 

 We invite you to be part of our worship experience either in person, practicing safe social distancing, or on Facebook Live. 

The Psalms and Readings will be posted prior to the service so you may follow along. Since this venue is not as interactive as a conference call, everyone is encouraged participate as fully as possible. 

You will also be invited to place short, concise prayer requests in the comment section during the prayer portion. All those viewing the service will be able to see them and offer them to the Lord. This format will allow viewing on our Facebook page at other times if you are unable to join at the appointed time. 

BIBLE STUDY -   10:00a Sunday

A continuation of our Bible Study on the Book of Acts is being held Sundays after 9:00a service in parish hall. We practice social distancing and mask-wearing.


The goal of Holy Spirit's worship service is to lead people into the presence of God and focus on Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through a balance of the Word and Sacraments and is done within an Anglican liturgical style that is respectful of our historic past and yet open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and recognizing the rhythm of the Church seasons. We seek to have God be a present reality in His people and profoundly transform lives by loving God and each other. Through the worship service, non-believers should be brought to the point of a decision for Jesus Christ and believers should be encouraged and strengthened in their faith while being challenged to become more mature in their walk with the Lord.


SUNDAY SERVICE: 9:00 a.m. 

Holy Communion every Sunday

Bible Study following Service